The i collection

Reglazes at no extra cost!!

We  can glaze a Monacle, Opera glasses, Vintage OR Retro eyewear and Rifle sites as well as all the amazing below.
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OUR NEW FRAMES OF THE MONTH are the beautiful,
stunning hand painted RONIT FURST individual loveliness!!


Originally from Brighton, this international company offers wonderful frames that come in a whole variety of different shapes and colours. The range is constantly being updated and is bound to contain something that will suit every taste.
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These Italian hand made frames are stunning. Just go to their web site to see how they make them and come and see the results for yourself. All the beauty and elegance of Italian design is present in these frames. Every frame is unique, not an exact 2 in the world!
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British made Wolf glasses come in stainless steel, acetate and titanium. With a wonderful choice of materials and colours, there are designs and sizes to suit everybody. These are definitely one to try on, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how they look. 

BLOOMDALE is hand made in the Netherlands and exclusively distributed by our wonderful Wolf brand
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A selection of glasses at the custom monocle lens makers in Cuckfield and Haywards Heath


hand made in the Netherlands and exclusively distributed by our wonderful Wolf brand

Bloomdale Eyewear provides you with a fashionable and authentic look. Our eyeglasses and frames are original designs which are beautifully shaped. We offer a wide collection of high-quality and long-lasting eyewear for men and women. Bloomdale Eyewear is based in the Netherlands. However, we cooperate with several retailers and distributors worldwide. Do you want to learn more about Bloomdale Eyewear? Please contact us for more information.

SALE Stand

It may be a sale stand but we have good quality "i" wear available, at we think, one of the most competative prices around! £30 Single Vision & £145 Varifocals.


We carry a variety of rimless designs that you can put your own mark on. You can change the shape to make it deeper or wider for example. The lenses are made of a toughened material and are hand drilled for total precision and Optical performance. 
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